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CEO Sara Scott was recently quoted in Law Week Colorado: 

" departments should not only look at whether diverse attorneys are working on their cases but also at the firm and its DEI efforts as a whole. What are they doing as it relates to using those efforts as racial and social justice tools? Because that’s exactly what they are...”

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Colorado Bar Association President Jessica Brown quotes Sara Scott's essay "Two Pandemics" in her message in Colorado Lawyer.  You can read the CBA President's message here. (Published with permission) 

Click here to read Two Pandemics, originally published in June 2020.  


August 2020: Law Week Colorado covered our annual Summit.

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"The Center for Legal Inclusiveness, as part of a weeklong summit, held an in-house counsel roundtable discussion Aug. 12 focused on how the spring and summer’s attention on systemic racism has prompted discussions about racism and diversity in the panelists’ companies...."

July 2020: CEO Sara Scott quoted in the Denver Post in article with Judge Jackson.

“This is a ridiculous conversation that we’re even having to have,” said Sara Scott, chief executive officer of the Center for Legal Inclusiveness in Denver.

“We don’t have Black judges because we’re in a system where white privilege is how the game is played. We might bring people into the fold, into law schools, into our law firms, but we’re not really making them inclusive as partners or higher-ups where they can apply and be seriously considered for these judicial positions.”

Read the full Denver Post article here

(photo used with permission from Denver Post)

In this fourth and final installment of the Vision Series, we focus on the post-pandemic legal community, with inspiring perspectives and calls to action by special guests Justice Monica Márquez of the Colorado Supreme Court, Eric Bono (Assistant Dean for Career Opportunities at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law), Jessica Brown (CBA President-Elect), and Sara Scott (CEO of The Center for Legal Inclusiveness).

The panelists offer insight and wisdom as we work towards a more vibrant, diverse, and inclusive legal community.

May 2020: CEO Sara Scott talks to Law Week Colorado.

"Sara Scott was named executive director of the Center for Legal Inclusiveness on April 28.

Diversity and inclusion have been part of Scott’s life from birth, as she tells it, and she has continued to play a role in D&I efforts throughout her career.

Scott was born to one black parent and one white parent, she said, both from Oklahoma, “it took a while for the grandparents to accept us as grandchildren,” she said. “When they finally did, it was in the spirit of inclusiveness, if you will, and that was sort of my first introduction to what it means to include people and not to exclude people.”

Read the full article at Law Week Colorado


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